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Hey Lovebirds! If you're exploring Portland wedding venues with a historic charm, we've got a cool spotlight for you. This is one of our local faves. Centrally located on the East Side, The Evergreen offers easy access to guest accommodations like the Kex Hotel and is adjacent to a public parking lot on 6th and SE Alder. With a built-in wine and cocktail bar and elevators to the Main Hall and Mezzanine for ADA accessibility, The Evergreen is designed to provide a seamless wedding day experience, and it's one of our favorite indoor venues to film wedding videos!

Venue Overview

Located at 618 SE Alder St, Portland, OR 97214, The Evergreen boasts a stunning aesthetic appeal with its exposed brick walls, vaulted ceilings, and hardwood floors. The venue's design preserves the charm of its historical roots while incorporating modern touches that make it a versatile space for various wedding styles. We love to see how this space gets decorated each time we're here for a wedding. It's always something new!

Event Spaces

Main Hall

The Main Hall is the heart of The Evergreen. With a generous 4450 sq ft of space, it can accommodate up to 445 guests, making it ideal for large gatherings. The hall features the original Maple hardwood floor from 1908, which creates an incredible dance floor for your reception. One of the standout features of the Main Hall is its built-in sound system and lighting, which means you won't need to worry about bringing in additional equipment. This built-in infrastructure simplifies the planning process and ensures that your event runs smoothly. The seating options include banquet tables, rounds, and high tops, allowing for various configurations to suit your event.


The Mezzanine, with its 1000 sq ft, offers a more intimate setting that can accommodate up to 150 guests. This space is perfect for a cocktail hour while the Main Hall is being flipped for the reception, or it can serve as a preparation area for the wedding party. The Mezzanine includes a private ready room with a single stall bathroom, providing a secluded and convenient space for final preparations. The Mezzanine is accessible via an elevator, front staircase, and back staircases, ensuring easy movement for all guests.

Welcome Area

As guests enter from Alder Street, they'll be greeted by the spacious 500 sq ft welcome area. This space is perfect for initial signage and welcoming guests to the event. The welcome area offers accessibility options with an elevator for those in need and a grand staircase leading up to the main event spaces.

Ceremony and Reception Details

The Evergreen offers a beautiful space for both your ceremony and reception. The Main Hall can be set up with an arbor and rows of chairs for the ceremony, which can then be transformed into a reception area with various table configurations. After your ceremony, guests can move up to the Mezzanine or down to Loyal Legion for a cocktail hour while the Evergreen staff flip the space for your reception. This transition is seamless, thanks to the venue's thoughtful layout and amenities.

Additional Features

Loyal Legion Pub and Bar

Located on the ground floor, Loyal Legion offers a unique addition to The Evergreen experience. Guests can enjoy a cocktail hour after the ceremony or late-night drinks after the wedding. This pub and bar enhance the overall experience, making it a seamless event for everyone. The symbiotic relationship between The Evergreen and Loyal Legion means your guests have convenient access to both spaces, creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.


The Evergreen has a preferred list of caterers approved to work on-site, ensuring that your culinary needs are met with the highest standards. The venue provides ample space behind the curtain for caterers to prepare fresh food, ensuring a delightful dining experience for your guests. This arrangement keeps the preparation out of sight, maintaining the venue's elegant appearance throughout your event.

Rentals and Amenities

The Evergreen offers a comprehensive list of rentals, including round tables, banquet tables, high tops, and chairs. The venue's sound system and lighting configurations allow for a personalized and unique event setup. Each event at The Evergreen is a little different, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for every couple. You can get specific rental details from Wedding Spot.

Samantha and Mitch's Wedding

One of the most memorable weddings we've filmed at The Evergreen was Samantha and Mitch's. Instead of the traditional arbor, they opted for multicolor LED lighting as a backdrop, creating a stunning and modern aesthetic that perfectly matched their style. The built-in sound system and lighting made it easy to set the perfect mood, and the seamless transition from ceremony to reception ensured that their guests had an unforgettable experience.

DJ Recommendation

We highly recommend Jess The Ripper, one of Portland's top DJs, for your wedding at The Evergreen. We've had the pleasure of working with Jess multiple times at this venue, and they always bring incredible energy and professionalism to every event. Jess's ability to read the crowd and keep the dance floor packed is unmatched. You can learn more on Jess The Ripper's website.


If you're considering The Evergreen for your wedding, you'll find a versatile and unique venue with excellent amenities and a supportive event coordination team. The combination of historical charm and modern conveniences makes it an ideal location for Portland weddings. We highly recommend reaching out to The Evergreen's event coordination team to learn more about how they can help coordinate your event.

A Beautiful Union is a team of filmmakers who are passionate about weddings. Our cinematic wedding videography services are designed to highlight ceremonies, speeches, dance floors, and vows. If you're planning a wedding at The Evergreen, we'd love to work with you to create an unforgettable film. You can check out more of our work here!

Explore The Evergreen's website for more details, or call them at (503) 476-1811.