A Beautiful Union

Being a wedding videographer comes with the perk of traveling through Oregon's most epic scenery. Our film crew gets to set foot in places that the general public doesn't, like the panoramic view of the Columbia River Gorge seen here from The Griffin House. As a Portland-based crew, we have the opportunity to film weddings here several times per month during peak season. Here's why you should consider this venue for your own wedding.

The House & Patio

The Griffin House is just that: a house. Perched on the cliffs of the River Gorge, and nestled discreetly in the trees. You can rent it overnight for your bridal party and family, or simply use it on your wedding day as a staging area for hair and makeup. The house itself has three stories, with enough separation to keep you hidden away from your partner while you do hair and makeup. We've seen bridal parties of 20+ people tucked neatly into the upstairs and basement level changing areas. Directly outside is a patio that serves as a welcome area for guests. With sweeping views of the Gorge and room for a cocktail bar, the patio sets the stage for the rest of the event.

The Lawn

While you're hidden away in the house, guests can find their way from the patio down to the lawn where a ceremony area is situated right on the cliffside. The panoramic backdrop of the ceremony includes views of orchards and mountains, while guests are shaded by the surrounding trees. It's hard to overstate how comfortable this ceremony spot is. Come August each year, we're accustomed to seeing guests sweat it out in direct sunlight. Not here.

The Tent

The tent is really the main event of each Griffin House wedding. This is your dining area and dance floor all wrapped up into one. The large, transparent panels allow sunlight to pour in from over the gorge. We've seen couples configure their reception a hundred different ways, with florals hanging from the ceiling and a variety of furniture pieces. Speaking as a videography crew, the amount of natural light that's available into the evening hours is outstanding. You'll thank yourself when you go to post your wedding album on Instagram. There is no shortage of amazing photo ops inside. Something that can't be said of every wedding tent.

In summary

Overall, The Griffin House continues to exceed expectations. We feel that it is one of the most underrated places to get married in Oregon, and certainly in the greater Portland area. We always jump at the opportunity to film here.