A Beautiful Union

Castaway Portland is a luxurious indoor wedding and event space located at 1900 NW 18th Ave. Portland OR. The space, with its versatile layout and expansive patio, is one of our top choices for couples looking to get married in Portland. In this blog post, we'll take you through the highlights of Castaway Portland, showcasing why it's an exceptional choice for your wedding day.

The Charm of Castaway Portland

Castaway Portland is housed in a warehouse that dates back to the 1920s and 30s, originally a factory that produced cables for the city's streetcars. Today, this historic building has been meticulously transformed into a modern event space while preserving its industrial charm. The sprawling floor plan allows couples to configure dance floors, dining areas, and wedding arbors in a fully custom layout.

Indoor and Outdoor Flexibility

One of the standout features of Castaway Portland is its flexible event space, which includes both indoor and outdoor areas. The interior boasts expansive bay windows that flood the space with natural light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. The indoor area spans 10,000 square feet, offering ample room for both ceremonies and receptions.

In addition to the indoor space, Castaway Portland also features a 5,000 square foot patio. This outdoor area is perfect for summer ceremonies or cocktail hours, allowing guests to enjoy the beautiful Oregon weather. The patio is equipped with a covered area, providing shade and shelter, which is especially useful during unpredictable weather conditions.

Customizable Event Space

Castaway Portland is highly customizable, accommodating a variety of wedding styles and preferences. One popular configuration is to set up an arbor in front of the bay windows in the northwestern corner. Rows of chairs can be arranged perpendicularly to lead up to the arbor, with the remaining space used for reception tables.

The venue provides tables and chairs for up to 200 guests, and the neutral décor allows couples to personalize the space to match their wedding theme. With its white walls and green accents, Castaway Portland serves as a bit of blank canvas. We’ve seen weddings here that range from boho to modern.

Amenities and Bridal Suite

Castaway Portland includes a spacious ready room, where the wedding party can gather in the hours leading up to the ceremony. This suite features a flip switch fireplace, ample natural light, and adjustable blinds for added privacy. It's an ideal spot for final touches on hair and makeup, and it also serves as a hiding place where you can sign your marriage license and have a quiet moment with your partner.

On-Site Catering

Another advantage of choosing Castaway Portland is the on-site catering kitchen. Fresh meals can be prepared on site, and the venue works with some of our favorite catering companies in Portland, like Devil’s Food Catering and White Pepper.

The venue's back patio area can also be utilized to park food trucks. We've seen local favorites like Pip's Donuts.

The Neighborhood

The area surrounding Castaway Portland is filled with character. The venue is next door to Pomarius Nursery, where some couples opt to take portraits among the greenery.There is also ample street parking, along with a 27-spot gravel parking lot. 

The neighborhood's aesthetic, with its exposed brick and old warehouses, provides an excellent backdrop for wedding photos. Many top photographers such as Jordan Voth have used this area to capture stunning images. The gritty, Americana vibe of the surroundings adds a unique charm to photos and video.

Videography at Castaway

Couples who are considering videography for their wedding are in for some stunning footage at Castaway. Not all indoor venues are created equal, and one thing that our videography team loves about Castaway is how much natural light is present in the video. Many indoor event spaces lend themselves to grainy, yellow-ish looking footage. But Castaway’s light and airy aesthetic comes through brilliantly on camera.


Castaway’s versatility and unique aesthetic charm make the venue one of our top choices for Portland event spaces. Our videography team has been filming weddings at Castaway since 2017, and we are very familiar with the space and with their team. You can learn more about the venue on their website, give them a call at 503.224.4898, or email their team directly at info@castandcopdx.com.